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About LIMAS®

LIMAS®: a research and development organization engaged in developing innovative medical Devices which includes conception of ideas, developing prototypes and manufacturing, especially in the area of laparoscopic surgeries and women's health.

LIMAS MOCELLATOR® the universal reusable and interchangeable tissue morcellation system, SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® -the pneumoperitoneum device for in-bag morcellation and SHECAN® - the "Multipurpose Vaginal Occlusion and Distention Device" are among some of the major innovations from LIMAS®.  These products are covered under various granted and pending national and international patents and offer outstanding benefits to patients and doctors across the globe. 

Our vision and objective is to provide the most advanced medical innovations and services at affordable prices to our customers and make it reachable to the most of our population.

So we strive to provide a diverse portfolio of products that help our customers maintain safe, healthy, and natural life and thereby improve the quality of their lives. These products make use of highly advanced patented technologies and are based on extensive scientific and medical researches and evidence. We combine technological performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness. To achieve our vision we work closely with our customers.

We will continue our drive to do the right thing for the Society, our business, our customers and those who rely upon us the most ethical way. It's our commitment to deliver advanced medical innovations and solutions that respect the generations before us and support those yet to come with green solutions.

Our Business Associates are world leaders in healthcare industries and it is our commitment to deliver the best of the products and services to our customers. We offer products and services in various areas of medical requirements, including but not limited to: Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery and Infection Prevention.

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